We don't expect that you'll run your entire business from CoinReporting alone. (But if you do, that's awesome!)

So we built a full suite of export methods. You can export via QuickBooks IIF file, JSON, XML, or CSV formats.


To begin an export, click the Export link in the left menu. You can specify a date range and a format. Click the export button and then we will email you the exported file. It will also be available for download from the notifications area in the top right hand corner of the interface once available.

Exports can take several minutes to build, so please be patient.

QuickBooks Daily Mark To Market Unrealized Gains

CoinReporting can generate daily mark-to-market transactions as part of the export process. This will allow you to see your unrealized gains as part of your P&L in QuickBooks.

If you are going to use this option, make sure you always export in non-overlapping time ranges. So you last imported November 1-7, start your next import on November 8.