Full Feature List

Every Single Feature In The App

Here's a list of every single feature in the CoinReporitng app, presented laundry list style:

  • Supports companies or individuals
  • Ability to create and track unlimited accounts in any currency
  • Supported account types: Asset, Bank, Exchange, Liability, Credit Card, Trading, Income, Cost of Goods Sold, Expense, Equity
  • Ability to define an account in any fiat or digital currency
  • Built-in support for over 1,000 altcoins and every fiat currency in the world
  • Market data engine knows the current and historical price of every major currency and altcoin
  • Full SSL security of your data
  • Extremely fast app written in HTML5
  • Our founders have been involved with Bitcoin since 2011
  • Forthcoming discounts on other Bitcoin services such as magazine subscriptions and exchange fee discounts included with every subscription

Basic App Features

  • Ability to record income received in bitcoin or any alt coin and automatically track the proper income as expressed in your tax currency
  • Full support for transaction fees (such as bitcoin network fees)
  • Account balances immediately update after adding or changing a transaction
  • Purchase paid accounts using Coinbase, PayPal, or Bitcoin
  • Monthly or annual billing
  • Daily snapshot backups of all data stored
  • Pie chart showing assets by digital currency / asset type
  • Line chart showing your overall portfolio balance over time
  • Summary list of all account balances
  • Summary list shows % or $ change in each account over a selectable time period for at-a-glance understanding of how your business or portfolio is doing
  • Summary list of all balances by currency
  • Register view for each account that looks like a check register
  • 2-line or 1-line view mode for register
  • Adding a transaction automatically calculates the transaction value in your tax currency
  • Support for general ledger entries that can span multiple accounts and even multiple currencies
  • Support for currencies for which we don't have market data (uses your trades as a reference exchange rate)


  • Import support from 20 different exchanges
  • Our unwavering commitment to support every exchange we possibly can
  • Import review process that allows you to confirm all imports before proceeding
  • Wherever possible, we import deposits, withdrawals, and fees, not just trades (unlike our competitors)
  • Wherever possible, we support API credentials for automatic importing of your future transactions.
  • Automatically watch a Bitcoin public address and import all transactions from that address
  • Export all your transactions from any time range
  • Generic export formats: CSV, JSON, XML
  • QuickBooks IIF export that includes chart of accounts and account types perfectly mapped to work with QuickBooks
  • QuickBooks export supports generating daily mark-to-market entries so you can see your unrealized gains in QuickBooks


  • Profit and Loss By Day Report, with Line Chart, optionally showing unrealized (mark-to-market) gains
  • Account Value by Day Report with Line Chart
  • Currency Value by Day Report with Line Chart
  • Profit and Loss By Currency Report
  • Unrealized Gains Report with Pie Chart by currency
  • Sales of Capital Assets Report for easy Capital Gains tax calculation
  • Highest Balance report shows the highest balance in each account for any given time period
  • Profit and Loss Statement Report, aka Income Statement Report
  • Balance Sheet Report
  • Statement of Cash Flows Report
  • Income and Expenses by Category Reports, with Pie Charts by category
  • Transaction Report
  • Reports customizable by Timeframe
  • Timeframes can be user selectable dates or preset ranges (such as Last Quarter, Last Year, etc.)
  • Balance Sheet shows balances in both your tax currency and the currency in which the balance is held
  • Transaction Report shows running balance
  • Transaction Report table headers sortable by any header field
  • Support for FIFO, LIFO, and HIFO tax-basis strategies
  • Support for choosing your own tax base currency
  • Define your own holding period for short-term vs. long-term gains
  • Export all reports to CSV
  • Print view for reports

What's Next?

And we're not slowing down our development efforts. In fact, with your support, we'll be speeding up.

Here is a list of features coming soon.