Accountant/Financial Professional Partner Program


We designed CoinReporting with professional CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers in mind. In fact, we built CoinReporting for you.

CoinReporting does for the digital currency space what solutions like QuickBooks and Xero have done for general small business accounting.

You would never do books by hand or on a spreadsheet any more, right? So why on earth are financial professionals still handling digital currency that way? Because there hasn't been a better way. Until now.


We've priced our Accountant Partner Program at $499 a month. We wanted to price it high to ensure that every professional subscriber has a genuine interest in helping businesses and individuals file taxes and maintain books.

If you've done any substancial amount of digital currency calculations already, you should appreciate the value that CoinReporting provides.

For the $499 monthly price, you receive 10 sub-subscriptions to allow your clients to get their own full-featured CoinReporting account under your master account. That's a 75% discount off the price that they would pay if they purchased directly from our website.

We expect that many financial professionals will pass this cost on to the customer by bundling this cost with their other bookkeeping or tax preparation fees. If you resell our service at list price, you can make an incredible margin!

After you use the first 10 sub-subscriptions, you can purchase additional personal subscriptions for $19/month and additional business subscriptions for $49/month.


As an accountant partner, you will receive access to select training webinars and videos that are not made available to the general public.


We firmly believe that financial and tax professionals serve a fundamental need and we recommend to all our customers that they utilize the services of a CPA or other professional when filing taxes.

We get asked all the time for referrals to CPAs and other financial professionals that understand digital currency. By joining our Accountant Partner Program, you will get on the list that we sent any time we are asked for referrals. We will soon be publishing this list on our website as well.

And in the weeks leading up to tax time, we will aggressively email our contact list encouraging them to seek the services of a professional for tax filing. We'll provide a link to a list of our accountant partners (that's you).

Every time you sell a new client and put them on CoinReporting, we make money, so our interests are aligned. We're going to do everything we can to push your services.

Getting Started

To get started with the program, click here to pay the subscription fee via Coinbase. Hopefully as a financial professional who understands digital currency, you already have a Coinbase account. If not, you can create one on that page.

After we get your subscription, your personal support contact will reach out via E-Mail to schedule an introduction phone call to onboard you on the system.