Exchanges with Insecure APIs

Beware: Some exchanges have very dangerous API designs.

We are often asked to integrate more exchanges via direct API integration. However, some exchanges do not permit the generation of read-only API keys. These exchanges give anyone with an API key full access to your account, including the ability trade your coins or in most cases even steal your coins.

We take your safety as our highest priority here at CoinReporting, so we categorically refuse to integrate with any exchange that has insecure API practices.

Please help us out and write to these exchanges and encourage them to build access controls into their API. Specifically, we need the ability to have read-only ledger/trade history access.

The Offending Exchanges

At this time, we are aware that Cryptsy, LakeBTC, MasterXChange, Poloniex, and Bleutrade have dangerous API designs. As we learn about more exchanges, we will post them here.

If you represent an offending exchange, please get in contact with us and we can help you improve your API.