The Register


The register is a view designed to emulate the classic check register that is attached to most paper checkbooks. It shows all the transactions in a particular account in chronological order, starting from the bottom.

The register is available for asset or liability accounts.

Adding a Transaction

You can add a transaction directly from the register. Simply enter the amount in the new transaction entry area at the bottom of the page, select an account from the dropdown, and click Add.

You may optionally add a description, memo, and reference ID.

You may not enter transactions on the register that involve an explicit conversion into another currency (trades). For those, we recommend you insert a single transaction by using Import & Add Single Transaction from the left menu.

Jumping to a Particular Date

Some accounts can have thousands of transactions, so it's useful to be able to jump to a particular date in the register.

This feature is not currently available, but we hope to add it soon.